May 15 2014

Cool your laptop

The summer season , the weather is hot , a lot of friends using laptop will encounter heat issues. When the computer temperature rise, not only affect the speed of your computer , it will result in system instability. Here are some help to improve laptop cooling effect way to let laptop running, spent the summer heat.

The first step to improve the thermal performance : Cleaning the cooling module

1.Notebook heating components focused on “CPU and graphics ” chip , which is used to help heat their parts are referred to as cooling modules , cooling modules typically include the heatsink and fan.

2.As the laptop is less than desktop computers as good as demolition, so under normal circumstances we rarely go to clean them , over time the heat sink and fan outlet will absorb a lot of dust , resulting in greatly reduced cooling effect . I believe we looked at the map , you know why the notebook as heat is not good , and a very hot body.

3. Here I will introduce methods of operation how to clean notebook cooling module dust . Because different notebook manufacturers, interior design structure will be different, the demolition of a different approach , so the following method only as a reference.


If you are not familiar with computers in particular , please professionals to help you clean dirt, such as computer service engineer.

When disassembling the notebook components , the length of the screw special attention to avoid screw penetrated motherboard or housing.

4. To clean notebook cooling vents and fans , we need to remove the back cover of the notebook . Removing the front again , turn off the laptop system , disconnect the power , remove the battery.


5.Then cover with a screwdriver to unscrew the screws , remove the rear cover.


6.Next, unscrew the screws on the fan , remove the fan , you can clean the cooling vents and fan the dust.


The second step to improve the thermal performance : notebook display

1.There may be circumstances, many of my friends like to put the laptop on the couch or in bed use . Notebook is generally to heat through the bottom , sides and back, so the notebook placed in these places , it is not conducive to the notebook cooling.

2.The best wood is placed in a desktop or notebook computer desk dedicated to allow the heat to pass out the notebook.

The third step is to improve the thermal performance : the installation of cooling pad

1.Notebook cooling pad can be installed to help laptop cooling , the cooling pad are generally equipped with an available USB power -driven fan, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.

2.Or we can find an external USB small fan to blow the notebook is also not a bad idea.