May 16 2014

Adjust the power plan for laptop heat dissipation

A lot of friends have the laptops overheating problem, especially in the summer. And, this problem, will be particularly evident after reshipment system. Why is this? Because the notebook after reshipment system, system for power management, is the default desktop mode.


When laptops overheating problems, we should first check the power management mode, and then look for other reasons. Let’s to show you how to adjust the notebook “power management model”.


As shown in figure 1, we first open “control panel” .


In the “control panel”, find the option “power management”.


As you can see, in the “power management” power use plan can be divided into “home/desk, portable/pocket, demos, open” a few options, such as home desk that option is a desktop, general finishing loading system, will this option by default, because of the difference of notebook and desktop, select this option, notebook power will be very big, fever frequently, so many friends after reinstall the system, you will hear a laptop of the ring.


Finally, unlock your laptop, give it cooling off.