May 13 2014

Clean sony VPCCW28EC/B

Disassemble ready:
1. Close doors and windows ( prvent from dust ).
2. Wash your hands: The purpose is to come in addition to a sweat , sweat prevent corrosion of electronic components ; two to discharge , to prevent electrostatic breakdown legend.
Began to disassemble:
1. Unplug the power , remove the battery.
2. The computer upside down , on a towel , open the back cover of memory to allocate memory.
3. After added memory chips don’t forget to put headphones and USB data line connection line and dial down, or computer back cover to open it.
4. After open the hard disk back cover, remove the hard drive (see hard drive, pull to the right of black belt, drive came out).
5. Screw on the back cover to see all of the screw, gently remove the back cover (again) don’t forget to dial the bottom line.
6. Through above also take a look at the structure of the computer inside, ready for your cleaning tools.
Soft brush is primarily out board surface and the back cover surface, used for a wide range of cleaning, scrubbing brush clean corner, drum cleaning fan blowing.
7. Unscrew the CPU/GUP radiator screws, set off the fan power supply line, take off the fan.
Carefully remove the radiator, because the CPU is below the GPU.

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